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Saint Minda Housing Solutions, was called Aluminum Mobile Capsule, is a full-service manufacturer of Aluminum mobile folding house and solutions that are designed to deliver. We are located in Changzhou city, which is only one hour train away from Shanghai.

We are the world’s only aluminum folding house manufacturer. With a number of aluminum alloy folding house invention patents, which allows us to introduce some of the most innovative, functional and economical building solutions available in the world today.

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We offer the folding and mobile house with a most competitive advantage: 

  • Only takes 3 minutes to fold the house by 3 people manually;
  • Can be folded at least 1,000 times based on our patent hinges;
  • A 40ft HC can take 18 units, greatly saves transport cost;
  • 20 years designed life service.

Saint Minda continuously inherits the craftsman's spirit, intelligent construction with heart, and discover the beauty of aluminum journey.


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