Light, it’s a pronoun

Integral frame 100% aluminum alloy, light as swallow


Aluminum ratio of the same steel structure movable room

Weight loss 50-75%

Shape the posture of lightness


Quick, for the motto

2 persons 2 minutes

12 sq house easy to build


Lightweight Aluminium patented hinge system

Bring great folding convenience.

To live in peace of mind


Wisdom makes excellence

Only the whole aluminum shell has higher strength and better toughness

Aeronautical top hinge technology to ensure the strength of housing connections


Real time monitoring and detection balance system

High reliability

135 sets of aluminum alloy molds

Realize 100% Aluminum structure

100% iron free

Global exclusive


Clean, shouldering responsibility

National green environmental protection grade

No pollution, zero formaldehyde


Advanced all aluminum technology

The unique charm of pleasure

Aluminum Mobile Capsule 

Invite you to open more perfect “aluminum” lines

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